Are They That Dumb? Or Do They Know Something We Don’t?

Let’s be honest, we’re now starting the tenth month of “flattening the curve” and yet we’re still being inundated with various iterations of ‘stay home, save lives’ and the ilk.

Furthermore, these instructions for how to cope with the “new normal” have mostly been coming from elected officials. Whether they be mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, small businesses being shut down (albeit, apparently Wal-Mart is still safe); but Heaven forbid one goes against the grain and asks:

Well, apparently those among the general populace are forbade from engaging in such endeavors — because, it’s all ‘for your own good’. In fact, ’tis for thine own good because “they” know what is best for you.

It all started with a little news article from Bloomberg back in February about how Hong Kong was experiencing a shortage of toilet paper; and then the experiment moved forward. By March of 2020 in the United States, people began buying toilet paper as though they were stockpiling the Beanie Baby named “Tabasco” like it was 1997.

And can we blame people for doing as such?

No, not really.

As Tommy Lee Jones’ character in “Men in Black” famously stated in the film:

They panicked — as predicted. And when people panic, they do a handful of predictable things:

  1. They seek guidance from the experts/leaders
  2. They conform to the direction of the vectors they so trust

Which brings us to the various guidance, mandates and all the rigmarole and rhetoric that has been espoused over the months that have followed.

Yet, many of the populace were oblivious to the mockery that ensued early on when those who obeyed blindly felt virtuous in their obedience.

The masses were trivialized by doctors and nurses dancing inside of hospitals — while we were told that ICUs were flooded, people were dropping like flies and that we needed to mask up wherever we went.

All the while, hospital staff were choreographing dance moves (an act we’ve never been inundated with at said magnitude until this year). Some thought is was inspiring, while others looked at it as insulting.

It was the proverbial tea-bagging in a Halo death match after your character was ruthlessly slain due to your oblivious nature regarding your surroundings.

And then came the protests and riots.

All of the sudden, everyone forgot about the virus and were championed for congregating in large crowds that in various cities turned into mass-criminal activity.

Yet, we were told that people congregating by the thousands in close proximity didn’t contribute to the spread of the virus.

And there were many people who actually believed that a virus so deadly…so easily spread…somehow managed to not be spread by people marching in the streets of every major city, shouting — masked or unmasked — didn’t cause any sort of spreading of this novel virus.

But when the current president held any rally that hosted people by the thousand, then that was a “super spreader” event and thus must be condemned.

People consumed it.

Because it’s what they wanted to hear.

They wanted to feel virtuous when protesting in the name of BLM, but wanted to denigrate anything related to President Trump — despite both respective practices being extremely synonymous in potential peril with regard to spreading the novel virus.

And here we are; the final month of 2020.

We’ve seen a myriad of instances that has been coined as ‘rules for thee, but not for me’.

We’ve seen stay-at-home orders literally defied by those who have instilled them on the greater populace. We’ve seen small business decimated because they cannot operate, while those among the high-rises of political power can opt to dine at their favorite fancy eatery.

So the question is: are these fearless leaders that tell us to “obey” the mandates that stupid to flout the dangers of this pandemic?

Or, is the real question: do they know something that we don’t?



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